We manage a host of branded products and services to bridge existing gaps in the education market and more. Our goal is to deliver a simple, worry-free experience to our customers in everything we do.

School Datebooks

School Datebooks designs, sells, prints, and delivers standard and custom planning calendars for students kindergarten through college. The company is the flagship company under the SDI Innovations umbrella. Started in 1985, with a handful of Lafayette, IN-area schools, School Datebooks has blossomed to over 25,000 customers across the United States and 23 other countries. Laser focus on product and efficiency has kept School Datebooks strong for the past 39 years.

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Stem Education Works

STEM Education Works creates and sells STEM curriculum and accompanying robotics and equipment to help schools deliver quality STEM Education. SDI Innovations realized there was a need for easy-to-teach, interactive and fun STEM programs that came with a focused and adaptable curriculum. STEM Education Works’ curriculum was created in partnership with Purdue University and has combined standards-aligned STEM curriculum with high-quality robotics to empower students in grades K to 12. The teacher-designed, industry-aligned curriculum delivers authentic learning opportunities to students, bridging the gap between student outcomes and workforce development needs.

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Eventlink® is the best-in-class event scheduling software for schools’ athletic departments and main office. Eventlink® includes e-contracts, online stores, camp registrations, and messaging. The Eventlink® app has over 100,000 users. As School Datebooks continues to print datebooks for schools around the world, SDI Innovations is also part of the digital future. Eventlink® coordinates a robust collection of times, dates, contracts and contacts for our customers, allowing them to schedule their days and nights as they see fit. A combination of market knowledge, connections, and willingness to invest in the future make Eventlink® a powerful brand for the company.

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Ag Printers

Ag Printers is the one-stop shop for 100% compliant marketing and labeling for their ag industry clients. While SDI Innovations’ initial market was education, the company’s internal processes were flexible and scalable and Ag Printers jumped on board. Ag Printers is an example of a company that took advantage of what we had to offer … and grew exponentially. In fact, they’re positioned for continued rapid growth and we’re proud to be part of the journey.

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Datebook Store

We know it’s tough for kids to keep assignments straight – heck, School Datebooks made us what we are today! For years, we got requests from busy moms, dads, and students wanting to order just one planner; we weren’t able to serve them. That’s why Datebookstore was started. We wanted to provide our awesome planners to customers who may not want to place a bulk order. So home-school teachers, or busy parents could grab an educational planner to keep up with all school throws at their kids.

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From student planners to coloring books, you can find the perfect options for staying organized or passing the time on our Amazon stores.


With nearly 50 years of combined market experience, our strategies for success have been refined to drive our brands to the top.

With in-house marketing, IT, and a manufacturing facility.

Our reach is expansive. Our products are used by 1 in 25 Americans and can be found in over 30,000 schools across all 50 states and in 23 countries outside of the United States. We’ve experienced success across all our brands through the creation of 100,000 direct mailing pieces and the help of 56 full-time, in-house sales and service representatives.

With domestics and global sourcing, procurement, and logistics.

Our robust digital marketing executions, specifically SEO, CPC, promoted posts, and organic initiatives, have influenced our level of success across each brand. With over 160,000 out-bound calls annually, it’s no wonder we’ve had 34 amazing years of growth and experience in the education market and 12 years of continued growth in the agricultural market.


All of our brands work hard to provide the best products and services to our customers and our reach proves how successful we’ve been.

Products used by 1 in 25 Americans.

From planners to coloring books and more, our products are a popular choice among Americans.

Business in 23 countries.

Our business goes beyond the United States. We provide products and services to customers around the world.

Customers in all 50 states.

With planners, coloring books, notebooks, and more, we’ve reached a broad range of customers across the United States.