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Lafayette, IN

Are you looking to get a foot in the door of one of Lafayette’s best companies? We’re looking for a Junior Sales Representative to help grow our business.

You’ll get the chance to learn about all aspects of our business as you help serve existing customers and get them through the ordering process. You’ll have to be good with details and databases and use phone calls and emails to get the job done. You won’t be out on an island either, our onboarding, company training and your mentor will guide you through all these processes.

We have a bunch of sales interns as well, and we’ll need you to help wrangle them and get them going in the same direction. Not saying it’s like herding cats, but … meow. We might need you to help us out by attending a tradeshow or two; or working in the actual production of our products.

We’ll expect you to report regularly to your sales manager to track activity and discuss strategies to maximize results. And, to maximize your results, we need you to be self-motivated, have a customer focus, and be goal driven. You also need to be a strong communicator, have self-confidence, and have a competitive nature.

Did we mention that the last couple of Junior Sales Representatives earned their way to full Sales Representative positions?

So, if you’re a team player who embraces change, are a creative thinker with a positive attitude, have prospecting skills while staying detail oriented, and have a high work energy, apply today!