There’s a lot to love about working with us. Self-motivated people thrive in our energetic creative atmosphere, because their idea could be the next great innovation. We’re always looking for enterprising employees, contact us today!

As the parent company, SDI Innovations has many areas that help facilitate the success of all our ‘client’ brands and companies.

Our Marketing and Creative Services, I.T., Manufacturing, and Product Development departments are all key components to the force that drives all our brands.


Lafayette, IN

We know that our software isn’t going to develop itself … we need someone, maybe like you! You don’t have to dream about coding every night, or eat, breathe, and live for programming, but it helps.

We’re a fun, innovative space where you can plant your feet and grow … our name literally is SDI Innovations. That’s what we do. We innovate. We create awesome things, from products to services, websites to planners. And with all this innovating, we need more developers to help create and sustain front-end applications.

We’re in need of a developer – but not just any developer. A developer with a particular set of skills. A developer who is experienced with front-end requirements. A developer who isn’t afraid to do a bit of creative problem solving with our talented team of IT geniuses.
And, we really need a developer with the following skills:

  • Working knowledge of any modern SPA web UI framework (Vue, React, Angular, bonus points for AngularJS)
  • Experience with full web stack: HTML 5, JS (ES5), CSS3
  • AJAX
  • Can work in a collaborative environment

Bonus points if you possess any of the following:

  • Experience with accessible design
  • Experience with responsive design
  • Experience with TypeScript or SCSS
  • Experience with graphic design
  • Experience with Javascript UI testing tools

We’re pretty sure we’re the fun, creative, innovative company you’ve been waiting for. The company that’s going to push you to be your best and teach you amazing things, and you’ll no doubt appreciate our casual-dress environment, our outdoor patio and indoor work-out facility, as well as our company lunches and holiday parties.

If you’re thinking this sounds like a good thing, just send that resume on over. We’re looking to fill this position ASAP, and we don’t want to miss out on any talent!

Submit your application to SDI Innovations below, and don’t forget to submit some of your previous work so we know what we’ll be working with.