SDI Innovations Partners with Skookii to Bring Easy Payments to Schools


Lafayette, Indiana-headquartered SDI Innovations announced Wednesday, June 27, that it partnered with Phoenix, Arizona-based school payment solution, Skookii, Inc.

“As SDI Innovations continues to grow and evolve, we’re looking for ways to leverage our knowledge and efficiencies in many markets. Our investment in Skookii is just another move in our efforts to improve customer experience across all of our brands,” said Tim Powers, SDI Innovations president.

Skookii is the first and only completely free online payment/finance system for schools and educational nonprofits. Schools get a robust solution to take credit card payments in less than 20 minutes. That way the school or organization can give parents a simple, convenient, modern way to pay for traditionally cash-based transactions.

“I created Skookii to be an engaging, easy-to-use payment platform for K-12 school students and parents,” founder AliSher Rakhimov said. “In essence Skookii gives schools and parents the power to pay for any school-related items using a single user account, on one platform.”

In 2016, Skookii was selected to participate in the Boston-based LearnLaunch Accelerator, a leading education technology startup program that selects companies based on their potential to build a footprint in the education sector, as well as their impact on society and the broader learning environment.

SDI Innovations is the parent company for several established companies and brands, including School Datebooks, Ag Printers, Eventlink, and new start-up STEM Education Works. In the 33 years since its founding, SDI Innovations has grown into a leading company across several markets, with products in 12,000 schools across the United States and 21 other countries.

“Skookii is a great fit for us as we’ll be able to use it across all our companies to not only increase our own back-end efficiency, but to make the process of taking card payments simple and affordable for all our customers regardless of brand,” Powers said.

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