There’s a lot to love about working with us. Self-motivated people thrive in our energetic creative atmosphere, because their idea could be the next great innovation. We’re always looking for enterprising employees, contact us today!


Lafayette, IN • Flexible Hours

It’s getting pretty real over here and we need an intern or two … people who want to learn the ropes; want their opinion to count (a little); and doesn’t mind a frenetic environment fueled by coffee and sarcasm.

We’re serious, this is a real thing. If you can wear many hats and are OK doing something different every day, this may be the spot for you. If you have a cheesy sense of humor, can make up words that sound legitimate, and are meme aware – this is definitely the spot for you.

Apply today if you like to design or write, proof, and edit stuff. If you can knock things around in Adobe Creative Suite, that’s a bonus, too. Social media experience (for business) is great, too! (We can all take selfies … can you drive business?)

Big ideas are serious currency here at School Datebooks, so if you have the gift of creativity … let’s see it! Send us a portfolio so we can see what you’re made of!

We’re almost all liberal arts majors here in the Marketing and Product Development departments, so those of you with similar majors (Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Product Design, Social Media/Online Communication, Marketing, Web design, E-commerce and Content Management, and English, for example) can get an internship – and, more important, tell your parents, “Yes, there are jobs out there for what I want to do.”

We’re located in Lafayette, Ind., and have been around for more than 30 years. We have over 12,000 customers around the globe. We’re flip-flop friendly and always moving forward. Don’t believe us? Well, that’s not the best way to start a relationship, is it?

This is a paid internship, starting immediately with 10-20 flexible hours during the school year.

Interested candidates should fill out the form below: