There’s a lot to love about working with us. Self-motivated people thrive in our energetic creative atmosphere, because their idea could be the next great innovation. We’re always looking for enterprising employees, contact us today!

As the parent company, SDI Innovations has many areas that help facilitate the success of all our ‘client’ brands and companies.

Our Marketing and Creative Services, I.T., Manufacturing, and Product Development departments are all key components to the force that drives all our brands.


Lafayette, IN

Let’s eat grandpa. Let’s eat, grandpa.
Save a life, bring us your grammar. Apply now.

Creative writing your thing?

Can you make an avocado covered notebook sound like the Rolls Royce of stationery in 2,000 words? Not afraid of a little research? Perfect! Come on in!

We’ll provide the animal crackers, you provide the grammar. We’ll need you to help with Amazon listings, add some spice to our social media, fabricate our blog, slay some white papers, and foster new content for quiz apps… and other fun stuff too.

Start as soon as you can, we need the help! We’re close to Purdue, so we’ve gotten pretty good at working around school schedules, as long as you can fit in 10+ hours a week.