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As the parent company, SDI Innovations has many areas that help facilitate the success of all our ‘client’ brands and companies.

Our Marketing and Creative Services, I.T., Manufacturing, and Product Development departments are all key components to the force that drives all our brands.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Lafayette, IN

We’re growing and adapting to shape up our digital marketing efforts … would you like to be part of it?

We’re creating websites, mobile apps, and online communities … and it will be uber-embarrassing if no one visits, downloads, comments, or buys. That’s why we need a Digital Marketing person to help us accomplish our goals.

The Digital Marketing Coordinator will manage and grow the digital marketing efforts as part of our internal agency for all the SDI Innovations brands and companies.

Strategies will be focused on generating qualified leads, acquiring new business, and increasing brand awareness using SEM and SEO strategies and software. The DMC will also coordinate digital campaigns, client support and manage other digital marketing projects. (Please note the clever abbreviation: that’s the way we roll over here.)

We’re very active in the Amazon Marketplace (we’re in the top 9% of all Amazon sellers) and the DMC will be active in it as well. While experience here isn’t required, it will be very helpful for candidates who have experience in the Amazon marketplace and with the myriad of Amazon’s auxiliary products.

We’d like at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field and a minimum of two years of digital marketing experience at a high-growth software/tech company with proven implementation skills in digital media and web. Knowledge of SEM Rush, the GA4 transition, and high-level copywriting prowess are ideal.

The right person will also be able to apply best practices in SEO, SEM and with analytical tools like Google Analytics. (AdWords Professional Certification is also a key.) The DMC will have to know how to interact with humans face-to-face as well; demonstrating a drive for proactive suggestions, superior service, and willingness to go above and beyond.

Web metrics, email campaigns, facebook ads, promoted tweets, boosted posts, display ads, and remarketing will all be at your disposal to achieve a positive ROI.

Sound good? Apply now!