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Lafayette, IN

Money. Experience. All you can eat Cheez-its®

If you’re in CGT or something similar and want to get a ground level look at the design field, becoming a cover assistant at School Datebooks* might be for you.

If you want to get real-world experience in an energetic, newly remodeled workplace, this internship is definitely for you.


This is a paid internship – you won’t be rollin’ in a Benz or anything, but still, you won’t have ramen for every meal this summer either.

Get Experience

You will become ridiculously proficient in modern design software and that is a skill companies are looking for. (You can also get course credit, which is cool.)

Get Snacks

Unlimited access to animal crackers, Cheez-Its® (the real ones, not knock offs), and even the pretzel nuggets filled with peanut butter. (We also have incentive-based events like cook outs and ice cream breaks.)

Cover Assistant (1 spot) Internship begins part time in March, then full time during the summer.

Help create covers for the datebooks we deliver to 1 in 45 Americans every fall. Work in Adobe’s InDesign and Photoshop and our internal database ensuring customers get what they want in a way that looks great!

Interested candidates should email your resume to: jack@schooldatebooks.com 

Apply today!

If you can multi-task and know that hitting deadlines is important, we want to hear from you. If you work well with others, know the difference between leading and kerning, and refuse to use comic sans – apply immediately.

*School Datebooks is the flagship brand under the SDI Innovations umbrella.