There’s a lot to love about working with us. Self-motivated people thrive in our energetic creative atmosphere, because their idea could be the next great innovation. We’re always looking for enterprising employees, contact us today!

As the parent company, SDI Innovations has many areas that help facilitate the success of all our ‘client’ brands and companies.

Our Marketing and Creative Services, I.T., Manufacturing, and Product Development departments are all key components to the force that drives all our brands.

Brand Marketing Manager

Lafayette, IN

We need an experienced brand marketing manager here at SDI Innovations.

Someone who can deftly navigate multiple brands, varying projects, shifting priorities, and horrible handwriting. You need to be cool with juggling multiple projects and shepherding them all to on-time completion, and it will certainly help if you have a multi-track mind wired for implementing awesome ideas.

If you’ve been an agency AE or simultaneously managed multiple projects for different clients, you probably have the experience we’re looking for. Here, you’ll help create the strategies and plans for your brands, drive all aspects of our communications, and coordinate the details and execution of our promotional campaigns. We have long-established brand voices and brand voices still finding their best tone … you’ll help with that, too.

We create tons of content from STEM journals to student planners to press releases; tweets to pins to posts; blogs to whitepapers to job listings like this one, and everything in between. It’s pretty important that you’re a good project manager, have some game as a writer, a stickler for detail, and know how a business should interact with customers on social media.

It’s also important that you can bring creativity and the ability to articulate what you mean to others. What you can’t be OK with is bad grammar, typos, inaccuracies, or comic sans. Clear? Good.

There will be some travel, continuing education, for sure, but also tradeshows so you can see how our stuff looks out in the wild.

So, if you’ve gotten this far, have at least a Bachelor’s in marketing/communications/related field, 5+ years of marketing/brand management experience (agency experience a plus), superior presentation and analytical skills, and the ability to handle a variety of projects simultaneously, we look forward to hearing from you.

Cover letter so we know you can write; resume to see your experience; and a portfolio of your projects would be a great way to start.