Human Resources Director | SDI Innovations


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Lafayette, IN

SDI Innovations is looking for a Human Resources Director. Someone with HR experience who’s ready to step in to our uniquely positive atmosphere and help drive our Human Resources strategies

We need someone who will direct recruiting and hiring processes, develop training plans and programs, establish salary guidelines and performance evaluations while administrating all corporate and employee benefits. We typically recruit and hire over 40 interns a year, so we need the right person to oversee those processes as well; you’ll also need to be able to implement programs for terminations and retirement.

But wait, there’s more! While also implementing and enforcing federal, state and corporate employment regulations you’ll manage all worker’s compensations issues as well as OSHA. You need to be our expert in employment law and provide guidance and counsel to managers and employees regarding employee relations issues.

Some of the things we require from candidates are at least 7 years of HR experience and a bachelor’s degree in Business, Human Resources or combination of education; experience supervising and managing people while acting as a trusted resource to the senior level management team. You’ll need to have a proven fluency in Federal and State of Indiana employment laws (Knowledge of Colorado law is a bonus since we have an office out there, too.). J.D. and SHRM Professional Certification are plusses too.

The right person for this position will be able to see the big picture and provide useful, strategic advice. We also require effective communication, an unusual degree of common sense, and have demonstrated a high degree of confidentiality.

You will need a strong commitment to evidence-based, measurable HR products, services, and activities. Familiarity and skill with HRIS, Microsoft Office, file management and benefits administration tools is also necessary.

Not to bury the lead, but this is important … large company experience is great, but the right person for this spot will fully-appreciate working in a flexible, employee empowering work environment. (Check our website and social media accounts to get a good picture of what we’re all about. If you think you’re a fit, we want to hear from you!)