Human Resources / Cultural Immersion Specialist | SDI Innovations


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Lafayette, IN

Culture and connectedness got us on our road to success, now we need someone to step on the gas.

As we grow, we refuse to lose our family feel. For that reason we have created a position for a person willing to develop, implement and lead a program to make sure our successful culture stays in tact.

If blazing your own trail by designing and implementing a cultural immersion program, helping new employees with their onboarding and assimilation, curating a mentorship program, learning all aspects of SDI Innovations and our companies sounds exciting, this might be the spot for you.

It’s also important that you are – or are willing to be – our liaison with the Greater Lafayette community and Purdue University, creating relationships leading new talent to our company. It’s even more important that you can learn on the go, are able to get along with diverse personalities and will ensure an upbeat and positive company culture.

We’ll also want you to develop programs for employees to share knowledge while also coordinating a continued education program. Implementing appreciation and recognition programs will also be something we would like for you to take care of.

You’ll need to have a bachelor’s degree with specialization or courses in human resources, labor relations or organizational planning. Candidates who have strong management skills, communication skills and are highly organized will have a good chance at success.

If you want to keep our growth in the fast lane and help drive a great company culture apply today. Interested candidates should fill out the form below: